About the Journal

The need for a refereed professional academic journal in public policy has been felt for long.  There are very few quality journals in India which are rigorous, analytical and easily accessible to scholars as well as policy makers in India’s public policy space.  First, most international journals on public policy are not India-focussed and many standard journals have a prohibitive submission fees which many young scholars cannot afford.  Second, few journals have a rigorous and timely refereeing process and often, authors do not get information on the papers submitted by them for months altogether.  Third, there is a considerable gestation lag in the publication of articles resulting in a loss of their timely relevance.  Finally, most journals have high subscription fees beyond the reach of many teachers and students in Universities and colleges.  With the launching of the Indian Public Policy Review: A Journal of Economics, Politics and Strategy, we hope to provide a journal which will publish analytical policy articles, rigorously refereed by anonymous referees and providing a fast publication outlet.

IPPR is a peer-reviewed, bi-monthly, online, and an open-access journal.  The objective of the journal is to further the cause of both research and advocacy by providing a publication space for articles in economics, politics, and strategic affairs.  By launching this journal, we hope to facilitate scholarly communication of research on Indian public policies.  The journal will publish analytical papers – both theoretical and applied, with relevance to Indian public policy issues.  We hope, this will help the scholars in finding a timely outlet for their research, students in understanding and gaining insights into the complex world of design and implementation of policies and the political economy associated with them and the policy makers to gain insights into the ways to meet the challenges of policy calibration.

IPPR is a bi-monthly publication which will carry original papers, book reviews, and commentaries across the following topics: Economics, Political Science, Public Finance, International Relations and Security, Political and Defence Strategy, Public Enterprises, and Science and Technology Policy, among others.  We look forward to contributions from scholars to make the journal a leading voice in public policy.


The Indian Public Policy Review is published by the Takshashila Institution, Bangalore with the support of a grant from the Infosys Foundation