Financial Flows of the Blue Continent

A Case Study of Potential Pacific-India-Australia Collaboration




This paper proposes a collaborative effort between India, Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Fiji to pilot a payments system using the infrastructure underlying India's Unified Payments Interface framework. This aims to catalyse the creation of an open, interoperable, and efficient regional payments system in the Pacific that enfranchises all stakeholders. While cost is a central factor, existing funds within the Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme, Forum for India-Pacific Islands Cooperation, Pacific Islands Forum, India-UN Development Partnership Fund, or Quadrilateral Security Dialogue can be leveraged. Frank dialogue about the financial needs of Pasifika peoples and their countries is critical, and open-source protocols can allow for tailor-made, sovereign solutions without vendor lock-in. Current efforts to strengthen regulatory frameworks and address money laundering risks should also continue in concert with this endeavour. More broadly, this paper demonstrates India's potential to collaborate with Australia – and others – to create positive outcomes for low-income states. The policy recommendation in this paper exemplifies how such collaborations can drive positive change globally and accelerate progress for the developing world, such as in the Pacific Islands.


India, Australia, Pacific, UPI, financial inclusion, DPI, Pacific Islands


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Author Bio

Josiah Neal, Pacific-Australia Youth Association Inc

Josiah W Neal is an alumnus of the Australian Government New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program and was a Visiting Research Analyst at The Takshashila Institution in 2023


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