Advocating Credible Naval Power

A Comparative Book Review of To Provide and Maintain a Navy by Capt. Henry. J . Hendrix (Retd.) & Seablindness by Seth Cropsey


Capt. (Dr.) Hendrix’s sobering insights are the best representation of contemporary US maritime strategic thought. Seth Cropsey, on the other hand, has an entertaining set of fictional scenarios; although a bit alarmist, these ultimately convey the same message as Hendrix, that the US needs to renew its emphasis on credible naval power.

Keywords: Naval Power, US, Russia, China, India, Henry J Hendrix, Seth Cropsey

Author Bio

Aditya Pareek, Takshashila Institution
Aditya Pareek is a Research Analyst with the Takshashila Institution and a gold medalist graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication. At Takhsashila, he works on issues relating to strategic affairs and foreign policy. His current areas of focus include subsurface maritime strategy and space militarisation.
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