Agenda for Transforming the Lumbering Elephant to a Charging Tiger

Book Review of India Unlimited: Reclaiming the Lost Glory by Arvind Panagariya



Issue: Nov-Dec 2020

The article reviews the book India Unlimited: Reclaiming the Lost Glory by Arvind Panagariya. The main thrust of the book is in identifying reform areas.  In fact, 8 out of 13 chapters of the book are devoted to discussing various reforms needed to transform the economy from traditional, rural economy to modern urban economy with expanded industry and services sectors providing quality employment to absorb the labour from low productive agricultural sector.  The reforms identified in the book are extremely important and must be pursued with vigour to take the country to a higher growth trajectory and the time is opportune to initiate them. The policy makers in the country will do well to heed the reform recommendations.  


Book Review, Reforms, Industrialisation, Autonomous Employment Zones

Author Bio

Govinda Rao, Takshashila Institution

Advisor and Faculty, Takshashila Institution; Member, 14th Finance Commission.