Semiconductor Geopolitics - Past, Present, and Future

Book review of ‘When the Chips are Down: A Deep Dive into a Global Crisis’ by Pranay Kotasthane and Abhiram Manchi




This article reviews the book When the Chips are Down: A Deep Dive into a Global Crisis - the first book that deals with the geopolitics of semiconductors comprehensively from an Indian lens, while placing it simultaneously in the global context. The book demystifies semiconductors and their complex supply chain, alongside the evolving roles of various nation-states in it.  The authors explain the 'meta-critical' aspects of semiconductors using three lenses: geopolitics, geoeconomics, and technology.   Overall, the book is an essential read for policy makers in India; in less than two-hundred pages, it covers the essentials that can help create an action plan for the next twenty years for the Indian semiconductor industry.


Semiconductors, Geopolitics, Supply Chain, Global Value Chains, Chip War


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Shree Kumar, Innominds

Shree Kumar is an experienced electronics system designer, with over two decades of experience in various areas of computing and a passion for empowering communities through technology. He is better known for KitePhone - an open source Do-It-Yourself 3D printable smartphone concept.





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