China’s Rise: A New Cold War in the Making?

A Book Review of “The Fire of the Dragon: China’s New Cold War” by Ian Williams




This essay reviews the 2022 book by Ian Williams, 'The Fire of the Dragon', which explores the contours of "China's rise" and its external relations with both major powers like the US and India, and smaller regional nations such as Philippines and Taiwan. Further, the essay questions the notion that the current geopolitical order is a 'new Cold War', as proposed by Williams. By assessing China's quest for resources, the essay also highlights its critical position in global value chains, and its burgeoning ambitions in technology geopolitics. Finally, the essay discusses tensions in the India-China bilateral relationship, revolving around the border dispute between the two countries.



Chinese Foreign Policy, Cold War, US-China Relations, de-risking, grey-zone


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Author Bio

Anushka Saxena, Takshashila Institution

Anushka Saxena is a Research Analyst with Takshashila’s Indo-Pacific Studies Programme.